About Us!

 The Owner of Junk Zappers graduated from Middle Creek High School in 2016 where he played varsity golf all 4 years of attendance. The Co-Owner graduated from Middle Creek High School in 2015, where he played LSM on the lacrosse team. Both of us were born and raised in Holly Springs, NC!


We did not start in the Junk Removal industry, but we always wanted to start a business to help the community. In 2018 we started our first business venture, a floor safety company, Fix-The-Slip. Being a floor safety company, we helped increase traction on floors to prevent slip and fall accidents. In 2020 at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fix-The-Slip went bankrupt and we lost our business. 


Baffled and heartbroken, we sought out to find jobs to help us get through our tough times until we could re-open our business again. We stumbled across a good job opportunity in the junk removal industry. Not knowing how much fun we would have on the job, we took off and started our first day of work. That is where we instantly fell in love with the junk removal industry. Never knowing what job site you’re going to have at the beginning of the day always kept the excitement rolling strong. Seeing all of the grateful, stress relieved customers put big smiles on our faces. From then on forward we knew we wanted to join the industry and keep customers stress-free from their junk!  Finally, we were able to save up and buy our first truck! And as for the rest… We’re just getting started! See you around!