Junk Zappers, LLC handles junk removal in Wake County and surrounding areas. There is a little bit of information to tell about ourselves before our customers call on us. We want every potential customer to know that we are young, determined, and hardworking professionals who are motivated to maintain the cleanliness of our community each and every day. We guarantee a speedy response within an hour of reaching out to us and offer same day services as well. Our team will always offer the fairest and most accurate estimate to get the job done fast.


Junk removal is our specialty, and it became an unexpected thrill when we were forced to close the doors on our previous business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There was no telling when determining our path how much fun we would have on this new venture. We also did not realize how much it helped our community and each customer we provided the service for. It is all about the faces and smiles after a job well done. When the customer is satisfied with the quote, they point out what they want to be removed, and we take it from there. After we spent about a year in this industry, we managed to save up our money to get a truck. Now, we are on our own, making great things happen.


Before and After Junk Removal