Same Day Junk Removal

Searching for Same Day Junk Removal?

When it comes to carpet removal, we can help out the customers and clean up once the carpet is removed. Our previous company helped us gain knowledge on floors. Fix-the-Slip was the company we lost during the COVID-19 pandemic when we were forced to file bankruptcy at the time. We specialized in floor safety at the time, so we are experienced in the carpet removal department. We do not only take the carpet out and get it out of your way, but we also take all the carpet and any junk you may have with us. When you come into the room to inspect our services, we guarantee complete satisfaction. We will clean the floor so you can put the new one down without worrying about cleaning up after we leave. We take care of you while we are there working.

We offer a same day junk removal. As long as it is a decent part of the day where we have at least a two-hour notice, we will always keep the communication line as we call to let the customer know we are on our way. Since this business was started in 2020, we are relatively new, and yes, we are still young; we have come a long way in a short amount of time, especially with our same day junk removal. Our customers are highly impressed as we offer this feature. Many think it will be a day or a week, but when we show up at their doorstep after a phone call, our customers know then and there, we mean business and we are here to work. All we ask is point the way and what needs to go.